San Francisco Homes For Sale By Owner

San Francisco Homes For Sale By Owner

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for sale by owner homes in san franciscoHave you ever noticed the “for sale by owner” signboards in your neighborhood? That means the owner is trying to sell their home themselves without involving an agent. It’s often assumed that “for sale by owner” homes make you more profit. You don’t have to pay 6% realtor commissions which can be a saving of thousand dollars.

The statistics show that real estate agents can sell your house at a higher price. This is not true in all areas. Real estate agents only sell properties that are well-renovated. They won’t be selling your distressed homes. And we all know that a renovated home sells for a higher price than a distressed property.

Be ready to spend a few months if your plan to join the DIY route. San Francisco is a competitive market. For sale by owner, homes can be sold quickly provided you’ll be an effective marketer.

DIY Tips: Homes For Sale By Owner

Clean and Stage Your Home

Remodeling is not necessary if you cannot afford it. But you must give your house a power wash. A new coat of paint is required. Fix the broken hardware. Rent some storage space and move your things out of the home. Then it’s time to stage your home and take some photographs.

Everyone coming to your home will first check pictures online. Make a first good impression. Don’t advertise the fact that you’re selling by owner. It makes people think they can get a lower price.

Market Your Home and Hire an Agent

You can hire a few services at a fixed price. One of them is the MLS listing. The other things can be network marketing and brochure distribution. Spend a few hundred dollars. Outsourcing a few tasks will make your life easier.

Go to websites like Zillow and Trulia and post your advertisement. Don’t forget the Craigslist Ads.

Price Your Home Right

It’s always the price that sells your home. Be realistic about the price. The neighborhood and current market statistics determine your home value.

It’s not about the original price or the construction date of your home.

Check the prices of similar properties. Set your home price between 5%-10% above the average market rate. That leaves some room for negotiation. The closing price depends on property condition and your negotiation skills.

Simple Yard Signs

Yard signs are sought after watching pictures on the internet. Investors, agents, and buyers drive towns to see homes for sale. A yard sign makes them stop and ponder.

Curb appeal is the first thing a customer views after your yard sign. Manicure your lawn. It’s the Halloween season. Customers will appreciate if you’re selling a less scary home.

Consider Contract Terms and Conditions

Price is not everything. The highest offer is not the best if the buyer asks for $30,000 remodeling. Be ready to negotiate these terms. Hire a real estate lawyer to help you.

Some buyers will ask you to pay closing costs. Others need a few remodeling changes after the deal is done. You can also ask the buyer to pay title transfer costs and to help you move out of the home.

AME Home Solutions can help you sell your home by owner. We’re ready to offer a competitive price. We can close the deal at a date of your choosing.

It is a hassle free process. You don’t have to spend thousands on marketing and rehabbing. Contact us now to get a no-obligation quote on your home.

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