Real Estate Investment Books for Smart Investors

Real Estate Investment Books for Smart Investors

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Real Estate Investment Books For Smart Investors

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” (Benjamin Franklin)

You can invest $100,000 in real estate, but you cannot be rich without investing in yourself. The real estate industry is changing rapidly, but basic business rules are applicable in every walk of life. Investors will agree that education is imperative in this changing world. You need to learn and re-learn business rules to be successful in the real estate investment industry.

There are probably hundreds of books written on real estate investment, financial management, and business rules. We have read most books on real estate investment, and our library gets a new addition every month. The following list includes best topics from our library. Real estate investing is not only about making money. Smart investment is about living life with dedication and purpose. Money is just one benefit of this commitment.

Best Books for Real Estate Investors

(1) 4-Hour Work Week

the 4 hour work week

There is a reason that this book gets the top position in this list. It is about living life the “new rich” way. Tim-Ferris talks about a new lifestyle that explores freedom of time and money. It is not a real estate investment book, but the book shares basics of financial freedom.The author insists on using the Pareto rule to free up the time to enjoy other luxuries of life. Like all books, the 20% material in this book won’t be helpful, but if you are stuck in a 9-5 zone, this book will help you achieve freedom.

(2.) The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham

the intelligent investor by benjamin graham

First published in 1949, the intelligent investor arrived as a series of lectures delivered by Benjamin Graham at the Columbia business school. With more than one million copies sold and Warren Buffett as a contributor; this books remains an authoritative source to understand the concept of value investment. We have read this book. These concepts must be used in every real estate deal. The value investment is something you need to learn before proceeding further. Why not learn it from the founder of this idea?

(3.) The SuccessDNA Guide to Real Estate Investment and Management: Essential Advice for Serious Investors

success dna guide to real estate investment success

A few people complained about typos in this book, but another comment mentioned that we are here to learn property management and not grammar lessons. Well said. You can succeed with a few grammar errors, but you cannot do well if you are unable to find, hold, and renovate properties. Funds are necessary, but financial management is critical to your success. This book is a must-have for newcomers. Established investors may feel that they already know the content. However, we feel that it is not a bad idea to revise an excellent real estate management strategy.

(4.) The millionaire real estate¬†Investor: Anyone Can do it—Not Everyone Will

millionare real estate investor

Financial independence starts with the accumulative attitude of mind. You must learn to “succeed” before you learn to invest in real estate. This book turned out to be a life-turner for us. It talks about important concepts of finance accumulation and the mindset that drives financial independence.

(5.) The Great Reflation, How Investors Can Benefit From the NEW WORLD of Money

the great reflation

How money has worked in the past is different from NOW. The economy, global crisis, financial problems, investment issues and international market play a great role in the future economy. The great reflation is a tool to evaluate critical economic conditions. It talks about the debt crisis, financial graphs, statistics and how the history can repeat itself.


Other Good Books to Consider:

6. Commercial Real Estate Investing: A Creative guide to successfully making money

7. Rich Dad, Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

8. The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing by Spencer Strauss

9. Profiting from the World’s Economic Crisis by Bud Conrad


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