New Social Media Marketing Trends In Real Estate Industry

New Social Media Marketing Trends In Real Estate Industry

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Social media marketing trends for real estate investorsSocial media remains a popular way to generate leads through inbound marketing. You can gather attention from social media, but it remains your duty to turn visitors into customers. Social media can generate leads, but it is not the best medium to sell your business services. Marketers agree that email communication is the best way to make money from digital marketing. Each marketing tool must be used to capture the email address. In this article, we’ll discuss ways to collect business emails through social media.

Tips to Collect Business Emails Through Social Media

Importance of Email Communication

Email communication is the most reliable way to get clients, but it is often ignored in the real estate industry. Check out established real estate investment companies and you’ll see they all use newsletters to expand their business. Build your email list, NOW. Do not wait. Write killer newsletters. Offer a valuable freebie to prospective customers and capture their email address.

Examples of Real Estate Freebie Books:

  • Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing by
  • Home Buying 101 by

Facebook Marketing

You can add a “sign up” tab on your official Facebook page. Create your sign-up tab as soon as you finish reading this article. This tool is an important trick to turn one-time visitors into customers.

Twitter Marketing

Use Twitter news feed to inform your customers. When it comes to social media writing, you should follow the 80/20 rule.

80% of your content should entertain your readers, and 20% should be the sales copy. The example of entertainment content involves titles such as

  • “Best Condos in San Francisco”
  • “Top 10 Luxury Hotels in San Francisco.”
  • “Market Overview & Updates on the Real Estate Industry.”

To get email subscribers, you need to send Twitter followers to the website opt-in page. For this purpose, you can introduce teaser content in your tweets and ask your visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

Host contests and giveaways

The point is to establish your brand name through social media marketing. Free dinners, seminars, contests, and competitions are great tools to attract attention. Market your seminar through local advertising and you should be able to invite 50-200 participants. The seminar should also be broadcasted to Youtube and Google Hangouts. You can also capture email addresses by sharing a free webinar. Invite people to join the contest. Ask them to enter their email address to win exciting gifts.

Important Social Media Marketing Tricks for Investors

Save Money With Geographic Targeting

Geographic targeting is another valuable tool for social media marketing. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, PPC Ads, Twitter or Pinterest; you can choose a specific location to target your customers.

Use #Hashtags

In the beginning, hashtags were only used with Google+, but now you can find them on Facebook, and Twitter too. Insert these # Hashtags in your posts to stay on top of the trending communities.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is another important social media platform. Instead of boring home listings, you can create attractive listings with Pinterest boards. Do not just advertise about properties, but share pins about lifestyle and the local communities.

Participate In Social Communities

Stay active on the main social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Post questions to collect comments and feedback from your customers.

Video Websites

Showcase your home listings on Youtube. Make small introductory videos of maximum 2 minutes to advertise your properties.

360-degree panoramic photography

Photography is an old tool. Now, you need attractive property listings. Use 360-degree virtual tours that can engage customers with your vision. With the help of a virtual tour you can highlight the property sections in a particular order. Use fancy lightings, wall mirrors and professional cameras to create the virtual tour. 360-degree panoramic photography also saves time. After watching the virtual tour, only qualified customers will come to view your property.

Referrals and Personal Networking

You attract great clients through personal referrals and connections. Social media platforms are just another way to build your network. However, you cannot rely on Facebook and email chatting. Participate in real estate meetups and seminars to meet with like-minded people and to get more real estate clients in your area.


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