How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Real Estate Leads?

How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Real Estate Leads?

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LinkedIn marketing for real estate investorsTwo out of three people search for business professionals on LinkedIn. This platform is not only a business tool, but it is the best method to generate real estate leads. While writing this article, we’ll assume that you already have an established LinkedIn personal profile and a company page. If you do not have a company page, create one. Fill all the details including your real estate website, personal-bio, work history, education, experience, and certifications. When people search for your business online, they will most likely check your LinkedIn page to confirm your qualifications.

Now, if the company page is ready, we should go looking for clients.

1. Reach the Real Estate Communities

Join real estate communities with over 3,000 members to receive maximum exposure. The point is to connect with other realtors, real estate agents, sellers, and brokers. LinkedIn is not a direct-selling platform. You need to establish a relationship that can be nurtured in the future. So, select 1-3 real estate communities. Do not join more than six groups, because it will be hard to build your reputation in all communities.

Post content in these groups. Help other members. Answer their questions. Be honest and you’ll get a good ranking in the group that will result in credibility and business exposure.

2. Find Clients with advanced search method

LinkedIn has two search modes i.e. the basic one and the advanced search method. You can search for targetted customers via advanced search. Type the exact keywords, and location to get good results. Sometimes, specific keywords won’t give you accurate results. This happens because of the tag line. Most people search for “real estate agent”. Another percentage of customers search for “realtors” and “brokers”. If your tagline doesn’t contain the word “real estate”, then LinkedIn won’t display your profile in the “real estate agent” category.

This concept can also help you with another real estate lead generation method. Each profile you check gets a notification that you visited their profile. If you visit targetted profiles, targetted customers will also be able to view your profile. Let’s suppose, you check 250 profiles in the real estate industry in San Francisco. That is like sending a friendly invitation to 250 people who are interested in your real estate services. You can use specific software to automate this process. Download the Chrome extension, “LinkClump”. The extension will open all links on a page if you press the shift key. Check out any real estate group that has your targetted customers. Use the LinkClump to open all those profiles. You can check 40-50 profiles with one click.

3. Publish Authority Content

LinkedIn is a content publishing platform. Check out the profiles of successful real estate agents and you’ll see that they regularly promote their services via the LinkedIn blog.

Content creation can take time, but you do not have to publish “NEW” content every time. You can use news articles, blog posts and links to already published content. Do not limit your content type to text only. Use images, videos, infographics, and slides to entertain your audience. You can also share content from other real estate websites. Sharing is caring, but it will also help you establish a connection with other industry leaders.

4. Add a “share-it” button to your company page

LinkedIn offers a small “sharing” button that can be used on your business page. Use that button so people can share your page in a few seconds. This button can also be used on your real estate website.

5. Use LinkedIn Small Business Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is more effective than pay-per-click campaigns and other advertisement methods. LinkedIn marketing is also affordable for many small business owners and in our experience, LinkedIn ads are more user-friendly than Facebook and Google Ads. If you are looking for increased exposure from LinkedIn, do check out their marketing plans.

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