Why You Should Sell Home For Cash In San Francisco?

Why You Should Sell Home For Cash In San Francisco?

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There are good reasons to sell home for cash in this city and a few downsides too. The obvious good reason is the fast process and convenience. Get the cash and close the deal. After all, you are in the real estate game to make the profit. Sell home for cash is a profitable strategy for homeowners facing foreclosure and financial problems. You need quick money and selling the home for cash can solve this issue.

You’ll notice an abundance of “Sell home for cash” signs once you create a property listing online. We would like to explore this topic further. Customers want to know the pros & cons of an all cash offer received from an investment company.

Do You know What It Takes to Sell a Home In San Francisco?

Excited homeowners are concerned about making the profit. They completely forget the cost of selling a home. Selling a house requires time and money. A typical transaction can cost around 10% of the selling price. Some of the costs will involve:

  • Real estate commissions (3% to the buyer’s agent and 3% to the listing agent)
  • Title insurance costs (Costs vary, but they are between $500-$1500)
  • Closing Fees
  • Recording Fees
  • Any unpaid taxes and home improvement cost


Sell Home For Cash–Benefits

Investment Companies

More often you receive cash offers from investment companies. I would like to discuss the cons and pros of selling to an investment company for an all cash offer.

Avoid Major Selling Costs

You can avoid real estate commissions by selling the home to AME Home Solutions. That’s like saving 4%-6% commission depending on the deal. We’ll also absorb the closing costs of the transaction. All we want is a quick, smooth and hassle-free transaction for you.

Immediately Available Cash

When an investment company is interested, you’ll get immediate access to cash. Usually, it is much easier to close the deal within 7-10 days. Search about the business trademark and get the money. With increasing financial limitations and rising interest rates on mortgage loans; it is best to accept cash offers. There is no downside to getting cash if you are getting money from a legitimate source.


AME Home Solutions will save you from costly repairs required at the last minute. We will take the responsibility of doing any rehabbing and make over.

Close the Deal Fast

The money is available. No time required for rehabbing. No home inspection required. All is good. That’s why AME Home Solutions can close the deal within a week.

Call us now to get an offer on your home.

Cons of Selling to an Investment Company

Investors accept a huge risk by purchasing your property as-is. They provide fast cash options. However, investors will rarely pay the best price for your home. Most investors don’t show a license. Many are legitimate companies operating in your area, but unlike hiring an agent, you don’t ask for a permit from an investment company. Investigate the company before performing the transaction.

Sell Home For Cash: Conclusion

There is no downside to selling the home for cash. It is said that “cash is the king” in real estate games. As long as the money is going in your pocket, you should accept this offer. And, don’t forget that you are saving good money on realtor fees.




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