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The Story of A.M.E. Home solutions

Ernest Logoleo was born in Honolulu Hawaii but was raised in American Samoa. He left American Samoa after graduating from high school in 1997 to continue his education and in search of a career and opportunities. He attended the University of Tennessee Chattanooga where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in psychology. He moved to San Francisco and procured a career in law enforcement.

Lohina was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She grew up in the house of the Lord as her father is the pastor of her church. Lohina attended San Francisco State University prior to pursuing a career in the medical field. She acquired a position as an entry level clerk in a well-respected medical center where she quickly advanced to management.

Ernest and Lohina met while attending the First Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa in San Francisco, California. In 2004 they engaged in holy matrimony and natal three beautiful children, Ana, Maika, Enesi (Samoan for Ernest).

For years, while working in their careers in serving and protecting the community as well as providing service to patients, Ernest and Lohina dreamed of creating their own real estate business, but didn’t know how it would work.  They just knew they had to start somewhere; they jumped right in, and decided to make their dream a reality.

With a goal to work together in real estate doing what they love, Ernest and Lohina desired to share their passion of real estate with others.  As they began to develop the company and carve their niche in the big world of real estate, they quickly realized that there was a distinct need for certain real estate services they originally did not foresee.  So they decided to create a company-where in collaboration with a National Network of Investors, they would offer a package of real estate services under one large umbrella, known as “A.M.E. Home Solutions”


Hector Krauss Ernest Logoleo and Lohina Logoleo are 100% committed to their financial freedom and giving back to the community. They will rock and be an example of fortune builders principles!
“You are kool and hard working. You have a big heart brother.

-Hector Krauss(Wow Homes LLC/Investor)

I just worked with Ernest and Lohina on a transaction and they were amazing! Not only were they efficient, knowledgable, confident and very easy to communicate with… the delivered everything they promised in a timely manner!
It was very refreshing! As a Coldwell Banker agent I’m held to a very high standard and A.M.E. impressed everyone in my office.
There are many companies that are trying to do what A.M.E. is doing, but they don’t even come close!
They are creative and get things done! And you will not meet a more ethical team than this lovely couple.
I’ve been in this industry for over 15 years and have seen a lot of companies come and go, but I know A.M.E. will be around for a very long time making dreams come true for a lot of lucky people! 

Congrats and thank you for including me in your vision!

Jimmy Koh-Realtor Coldwell Banker

This company offers many creative solutions to homeowners. I highly recommend their services!

Brooke Bennet-Realtor/Investor Keller Williams

I love working with Ernest. He and his wife have studied the information and are able to explain everything thoroughly. They are sincere in their motives and celebrate our success with us. They think outside the box and help in whatever way they can. It’s like having a younger “Big Brother”

Toni Powell

I know Ernest Logoleo to be a man of strong moral character who treats others with courtesy and respect. He has a very strong work ethic and can always be relied upon to help out. His ability to communicate easily and effectively and establish a definite rapport with people has resulted in a large group of loyal friends, family and co-workers.

Ernest Logoleo is one of the most disciplined person that I’ve ever known. His ability to work efficiently under any kind of stress speaks volumes about his hard work, determination, and composed demeanor. I would also like to add that, Ernest is a compassionate human being with praiseworthy perseverance and ambition.

Kathleen Owens

I have been really blessed to have gotten the chance to been able to work so closely with such a wonderful caring and understanding boss. Lohina is a professional who is very attentive, a great listener and a positive role model who strives to encourage and pushes me to believe in myself and to see that it is OK to think outside the box.

My experience working with Lohina is a great one, and I hope to be able to work with her soon in the near future.

April Nguyen

Dear Lohina,

It’s been a special pleasure working with you at UCSF. You have been superior! dedicated, dependable, always helpful, and knew all the answers! You will be hard to replace and we’ll surely miss you. You’re an all around great person and I wish you much luck and success in your new business endeavor. Take care and stay in touch. With great fondness.

Mariann Di Minno


I have known Lohina for almost 2 years now and am happy to say that she was by far one of the best managers that I have ever had. She is a very caring, kind, trustworthy, and honest person. Lohina is the type of person that has a positive outlook on life even in difficult times and situations. She gives 110% in everything she sets her mind to.

She was always someone I could depend on when I needed help. She always went above and beyond to help anyone when they needed it. She always encouraged me to challenge myself and to continue to pursue my dreams of being a nurse. She wanted everyone to excel in everything that we did and gave us every opportunity to be challenged and grow.

She will do great things for so many people. -Faam Saetern


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