Why Selling Investment Property is a Terrible Idea?

Why Selling Investment Property is a Terrible Idea?

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As a real estate investor, you may wonder about selling investment property in San Francisco. Selling investment property can yield good profits, but you do not know the potential loss it can cause you.

The term investment property is used for two conditions. In the first case, you are renting the property to create a passive income source. In the 2nd option, you remodel the home and earn some profits on the initial investment. For the second case, you must sell your property to get some cash. In other instances, selling investment property is not a wise step.

Buying investment property in San Francisco gives an excellent direction to your business. It is no doubt that such an investment costs million, but you’ll receive thousands of dollars for renting the property. The profit margins can be huge if you plan to remodel the home to sell for a profit. However, selling investment property is a terrible idea at this time. I know people are planning to sell their home because many think that Bay area prices are going to decline. While the rumors are true to some extent, if you have made an investment over past 20 years, I do not recommend selling it now.

Investment property is a long-term endeavor. You must have spent years and years before the property reaches a selling price of millions. I must explain that the cost of selling investment property is huge compared to enjoying a passive income source.

The Costs Involved with Selling Investment Property

  • Real Estate agents commission (6%)
  • Buyer credits and warranty charges
  • Capital gains tax
  • Seller escrow charges
  • Transaction taxes

You never know when you’ll get another $1,000 bill. It is San Francisco after all. The crazy lifestyle costs and state fees are enough to discourage many from selling investment property. Deduct these taxes and see if you’ll receive a decent amount of money. If you still have plans for selling investment property to free up some time and get some immediate cash, please check these points:

Problems With Selling Investment Property

1. This process can take months

Just do not expect everything to happen quickly. Depending on state laws, expect 3-6 months to vacate and sell the property. Selling a property in San Francisco can take about six months. You may also need to remodel the home that can take 1-2 months depending on the changes required. To reduce the time span, you can sell the property to an investor.

2. Tenant Rights

Read your lease. Understand your options. You’ll need to send a 2-month notice to your tenant before the house can be vacated. Do not expect your tenants to be happy with your decision. If you offered a fixed term lease, your tenant has every right to stay for the remaining duration. To make it easier, give them a good reason to leave your home. Help them rent another property. If rental rates are high, offer some discount or reduce your rent if they will leave your home early.

If you plan to sell the property quickly, you can showcase it to customers while the home is still occupied. To get best results, send a notice to residents that you’ll be coming to show the home. It is best to delay the process and wait for tenants to empty the home.

3. Loss of Passive Income

San Francisco is one of the most expensive rental markets.Our predictions do not see an upcoming decrease in skyrocketing rental rates. If you have a nice property, you’ll enjoy thousands of dollars each month. This real estate market has a good future. Selling investment property doesn’t seem like a logical step here.


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