How to Increase Energy Efficiency In Your Home?

How to Increase Energy Efficiency In Your Home?

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The home energy audit reveals the particular energy requirements for your home. It’s important to adopt the green home technology, otherwise, the freezing winter season will have a negative impact on your credit card bill.

Between heating our homes to boiling water in the kettle, we need energy for almost everything. A significant sum of money goes toward our energy consumption bills. A detailed energy audit helps, but it’s not the ultimate solution. You can do several small things to make your home greener and energy-efficient.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panel array is the most cost-efficient solution for energy bills. You’ll reduce environmental pollution. The typical cost of solar panel installation is $35,000 for a single-family home. The cost is recouped in just 6-10 years. San Francisco Govt. supports solar energy installation. Over, the next decade, you can expect to cover your investment. The cost should only come around $5,000-$7,000. As a bonus, you get recurring savings on monthly bills.

Insulate Your Walls & Roofs

The temperature control system heats your home, but the heat escapes quickly through windows, doors, and walls. Installing a decent insulation will save you around $250 each year.

Get an Energy Consumption Calculator

The calculator or the thermostat costs only $50-$100. But, it’s a cheap way to get an energy audit. You can see where your money is going and how you can improve the situation.

Dual-Pane Windows Installation

Double pane windows affect air circulation in our home. Invisible metallic oxide layers work hard to prevent heat loss. It’s surprisingly easy to reduce your bills with dual-pane windows.

Don’t worry about the seasons. These coated structures work effectively in all 4 seasons. These are warmer in winter and stay cool in the summer time.

LED Lighting System

What’s the easiest ways to reduce electricity bills? The answer is simple. Purchase a few LED bulbs.

LED lighting does two things for you:

  1. It doesn’t produce heat like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.
  2. It provides long-term lighting and savings. (25,000 hours of a LED bulb costs $30. The incandescent bulb charges $180 for the same light.)

Energy Star Products

The green home technology rests on a sustainable design. Energy star products consume around 10%-15% less energy than their predecessors. The latest refrigerators conserve 15% energy. These products preserve water and emit less heat thus resulting in an eco-friendly home.

Smart Power Strips

We all are guilty of charging fully charged tablets or mobile phones. A smart power strip is the solution.

The strip senses the energy demand and cut-off electricity supply if the device is properly charged. This alone should reduce your energy bills by 20% over the years.

It just costs $30 and you can plug 5-10 switches at once. Buy one from Amazon.

Energy Efficient Water Heating

Heating water makes 18% of your total energy consumption. It makes sense to reduce this cost by installing a solar or tankless water heater.

For the time being, tankless heaters seem better than solar heaters. You get a consistent supply of hot water and the costs decrease by 8%. The solar heaters are 50% more efficient than any other water heater.

Also, install new shower heads and faucets. That should reduce your water consumption by 20%-60%.

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