Evaluate These Projects to Increase the Curb Appeal

Evaluate These Projects to Increase the Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal plays an important role in the real estate industry. It has the potential to make or break a sale. It seems superficial, but you can turn away a customer with broken paint or a damaged curb appeal.

Spending a few hundred dollars at the curb appeal can result in massive exposure and quality offers. Curb appeal and the kitchen are the places that provide the best return on their investments.

This article lists a few simple curb appeal projects for your next rehab.

What’s the impact of these projects on lead generation?

Well, I am leaving the evaluation part to you. Check out these projects and tell us which one has the greatest impact on your customers.

Let’s read further.

Start With the Front Door

We like painting the door first. If the paint is done right, we can plan the entire color scheme accordingly. You have to do two things with the front door:

  • Paint
  • Door knocker

The paint color and trimming the edges have the greatest impact. Some edges shouldn’t be cut. You may need to replace a broken door. Try finding an old one at a yard sale. It should work with thorough cleaning and a new coat of paint. Just make sure that you find solid material. Otherwise, the front door will expire in next 5 years.

An elegant door knocker looks nice from the street. We like royal style door knockers. Some friends like musical door knockers. The choice is yours. You can get a new one below $100.

Manicure Your Lawn

You can do it yourself. Order some colorful plant boxes and fresh mulch. Manicure the garden. Install  a water pool. You can also use a bird cabinet if you have birds. Order both plant pots and boxes. Also, purchase some artificial flowers that can be used for window boxes.

Develop Your Pathway

What’s the structure of your property? Assign clear roles to each room. For the yard decoration, use a welcome signboard.

Invite the customers to walk on the pathway. Let them knock the door and they can enter your home to see the new features.

Pathway development is not expensive depending on the type of material you use. Real stones are expensive. Faux stone panels are a nice replacement, but you must be careful with water flow. I recommend hiring someone to do this for you.

At night, you can also use light bulbs, decorative ornaments or lighted plants to illuminate the pathway. That’ll be a nice effect on the curb appeal.

Window Treatment

Depending on the property type, you should install energy-efficient windows glass. Purchase window boxes. Paint them in a simple color (white). Compliment the color scheme with green garlands or artificial colorful flowers. You can also add window shutters.

Change Your Mailbox

An old mailbox will become invisible in a newly manicured lawn. Bring it to life through fresh paint or change it in just $50.

Use the same trick for the house number. Get new stainless-steel numbers and have them installed so they can be seen clearly.

Arrange a Sitting Area

Customers would love to sit and watch your home. A sitting posture is different from a standing pose. When standing, people look at things downward or at the eye-level. While sitting, they can relax and view the roof and all small things that you have done to rehab the home.

Buy inexpensive patio furniture. Hang some fresh plants and your home is ready for visitors.


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